Solar Panels Misconception

Solar Panels Misconception

Solar Panels Misconception

Solar Panels Misconception

Every time that I ask someone about solar panels for their home, I have the same response; “those are too expensive”. A lot of people go to a website to get a quote and they are astonished at how much a solar system cost. This is the first Solar Panels Misconception.
Our mind is set in a way that when we see a big number, we just block the idea. We just turn the page and forget about it. It gets stuck in our brain that the idea of going solar is just ‘expensive’. Here I will make a quick analogy of how everyone should see the biggest benefit of going solar.

Why bother to go solar?

Prevent energy prices increase forever. Yes, forever.

Stop being so vulnerable to energy price fluctuation.

Your electric bill is not a fixed cost, like your cell phone or your internet service. Electricity rates are subject to change, same as gasoline. Energy, (natural gas, gasoline, electricity) is affected by the natural gas wholesale market price. At the same time, the production and demand of natural gas are affected by an infinity of factors, even global conflicts or situations affect the energy cost.

We all complain about gas prices going up, electricity rates increment, etc. What can we do about it?

First, think of a way to be less dependent on energy. Hard to do when we depend so much on technology. Second, save as much energy as possible. Again, a little complicated with all the electronics and appliances around the house. However, the most important is to find a way to get off the grid.

Imagine having this kind of peace

Having an electricity bill that is the same every month
Never stop at a gas station
Remove your CO2 footprint from the environment

Eventually, all cars will be electric, this is inevitable.

“Mercedes-Benz says it will go all-electric by 2030, but with conditions. The German automaker says it will only sell electric vehicles “where market conditions allow,” implying that Mercedes may still sell gas-powered vehicles after 2030 in countries that lack consumer demand for EVs.”
Read more: Mercedes Benz going electric by 2030

It looks like technology is going faster than we.

To conclude, I have these questions to sit in your mind.
Your electric bill will be the same this summer as the next summer?
Would it be easier to budget your home expenses if you know how much you’ll pay for electricity every month?
Also, do you think it would be easier to sell your home if the new homeowner has his own power plant?

There are so many solar panels misconceptions. A lot of them because of the wrong information set out there. Solar sales agents corrupted many ideas about what a beautiful world would be free of CO2 contamination.

Save electricity going solar

Eventually, your solar system will be paid off and your electricity bill is null.
So, if you are interested, schedule your in-home presentation and get all this free information for you to study and decide.

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