Everyone is Going Solar

Everyone is Going Solar

Solar panels are getting more popular. There are many reasons why Everyone is Going Solar.

It is trending, Everyone is Going Solar. As a matter of fact, we do not understand why solar has not exploded as it has in other states like California and other countries like Germany, Poland, etc.

Is a solar system expensive?

To tell the truth, this is a misinterpretation. I think a better way to say it or question is; “is a solar system affordable?”

Everyone is Going Solar

Pay the same as for your electricity bill

What is “affordable”? The meaning of affordable is an inexpensive or reasonable price. Although, for me when I hear if something is affordable, I’m thinking if what I’m buying can be added to my budget without affecting it.

With that said, what FreeVolt TX wants to do is exactly that. Add something to your budget and at the same time cutting something from your budget.

Furthermore, adding value to your home without increasing your monthly budget.

As a matter of fact, a solar system should drastically reduce your monthly electricity bill. The idea is to match the amount saved on the electricity bill. So, the same amount you save will be used to pay the solar system monthly instalments.

In other words, what FreeVolt TX do is to design a system that will be paid with the same money you pay for electricity.

For example, if a potential customer pays $200 for electricity and his solar system will offset 100% of electricity, then the electricity bill will be reduced to $20 (approximately). Then, the solar systems instalments will be for about $190.

Yes, there is a $10 difference, however, the utility charges a connection fee. We need to stay connected to the utility to use it as our back up battery.

Most important about solar system payments.

Inflation affects us all, including your electricity bill. The instalments to finance the solar system are frozen for the loan term.

Solar system Referrals

But wait, this gets better. FreeVolt TX has an excellent referral program. After your solar system installation, refer a friend and get $500 cash. Do this every 3 months and your PV system will be paid off in no time.

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