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Electricidad Residencial Facturación Mensual

Compañías de Luz Baratas y que ofrecen Electricidad Residencial Facturación Mensual. Hay dos maneras de pedir su electricidad para el hogar, Electricidad Residencial Facturación Mensual o Prepagada. En este blog, Electricidad Residencial Facturación Mensual, explicaré un poco más acerca de la luz residencial en la cual el cliente recibirá una factura (bill) mensual. Como ya le hemos comentado Electricity Express […]


Electricidad Residencial (1)

Electricidad  Residencial (1). Serie de Blogs sobre Electricidad Residencial. $50 gratis En esta serie de blogs quiero ayudarles a entender un poco más sobre su electricidad residencial. Siga esta serie y podra ganar $50.  Aprenda a Leer su Bill de luz. Uso Promedio de Electricidad en el Hogar (casa, traílla o apartamento) Cambios en el […]

Conexión de Electricidad

Conexión de Electricidad el mismo día. Conexión rápida de energía y tenga su bill mes por mes. Así es amigos, si Usted requiere  servicio de electricidad y que le llegue un estado de cuenta (bill) mes por mes y también quiere que se conecte el mismo día, con nosotros es posible. Electricity Express trabaja con […]

Conexión el Mismo Día

New Prepaid Electricity Introduction Video

Prepaid Electricity Introduction Video The new Prepaid Electricity Introduction Video is Electricity Express’ first jump into explaining our services via video.  If you’re a visual learner, check it out for a quick talk about the features and advantages of prepaid electricity services.  It touches on some crucial points, including: how to call to set up an account […]

How to Save Money on Utility Bills

How to Save Money on Your Utility Bills Everyone wants to save some money, right? Don’t you? Well, saving cash just got easier. Try following some of these quick and easy steps on lowering your electricity usage.  You’ll be amazed how fast you’ll lower your utility bills. Adjust Your Thermostat During the Hot Season: Save money […]

Lower electricity bills monitoring energy consumption

Is Prepaid Electricity More Expensive Than Postpaid?

Is Prepaid Electricity More Expensive Than Postpaid? Is prepaid electricity a good deal or not?  The utility industry is dog-eat-dog and very similar to the cell phone world.  Tons of companies promise the best rates and incredible sign-up promotions.  Adding to the mix are the prepaid electricity companies like Electricity Express which have revolutionized the […]

Beware of Common Electricity Scams

Beware of Common Electricity Scams Unfortunately no one is safe from scams.  These days fraudsters are hitting every area of our lives, from banking to real estate and even utilities.  The team at Electricity Express wants to help you avoid losing money to bad business practices.  How can you protect yourself from utility scammers? Check […]

Making a Payment at Electricity Express

Making payments at Electricity Express is fast and easy.  When it’s time to refill your account, you have four options.  Please note that some require an additional service fee. Go to a convenience store – Refills on your account can be purchased at many stores, including Fidelity Express, ACE Cash Express, PLS […]

About prepaid electricity

All About Prepaid Electricity Services Electricity Express wants to help you. Electric Bill Statement via text message is a power feature.   This website helped me to understand the new way of doing electricity, daily text notifications and updates on my account, this help me to have control of my electricity usage, I’ve been able […]

Prepaid Electricity sends text messages showing energy usage