No deposit electricity helps you save

No deposit electricity helps you save

Budget your energy with FLEX-Pay

Prepaid electricity is the best way to save energy, thus pay less for the energy we use. The trick is the billing.

Your energy usage via text

Know your energy usage and save

Why prepaid electricity billing helps you to save money.

Prepaid electricity sends you a daily text or email with information regarding your usage, This daily text will tell you how much energy you are using, this way you can make an effort to reduce that energy usage and, of course, pay less for the electricity. If one day you used 15 kilowatts, you will try your best to use 13 kilowatts the next day. You will be careful about how you use your appliances.

Prepay electricity as much as you want.

FLEX-Pay at Electricity Express takes care of bills and budgets.  These are the two words that make most people sigh, especially with the current economy.  At the top of the list is usually the mortgage, which in Texas averages at $824/month, and then, of course, the car payment, which isn’t cheap either.  Add on payments for credit cards, car and medical insurance and utilities, and the average American families have a lot of people lining up for a piece of their paychecks every month.

Murphy’s Law says that everything that can go wrong will go wrong.  The biggest bills always seem to arrive at the beginning of the month, leaving you little to live on until the next paycheck comes.  Here at Electricity Express, we know that, and so we have created the FLEX-Pay program that will free up your money and give you a little room to breathe.

FLEX-Pay splits up that large utility bill by allowing you to make several payments throughout the month.  For example, the average monthly bill runs between $80-$120, depending on the time of year, square footage and the number of people living in the house or apartment.  Rather than pay that $120 at the end of the month and then make the mortgage payment or rent the very next day, with FLEX-Pay you can pay $60 out of each paycheck instead.  This way you’ll have some money left over at the end of the month when all the big bills come due.

Everything at Electricity Express is about making your life easier.  Contact Electricity Express now at 855 781 6970 to hear about our Same Day Service, bundled pricing (no hidden charges), no contracts and no credit checks.  We will show you why more and more people are turning to us to power their homes and save money.  Electricity Express: we have you covered.


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