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(Español) Luz Residencial, Tips de cómo ahorrar agua.

Residential Electricity, Tips on how to save water. Saving Water will save you a lot on your energy bill. How to save water.   As we already know, water is a fundamental resource for our daily lives, so it is important that we become aware of our daily use of this vital liquid. In other […]

(Español) Luz Residencial. Cancelación de Contrato.

Residential Electricity. Contract cancellation.   Contract Cancellation in Residential Electricity. If you are with an energy company that is charging you a very high rate, this is a topic that will interest and help you save money. It is very important that when we are moving to a house or apartment, the first thing we […]

(Español) Electricidad Residencial para Estudiantes

Residential Electricity for Students     Back to school. Time to Search for Residential Electricity for Students.   Time has come to go back to school, therefore must think on how to arrange and organize the money to stretch it for us to pay our immediate needs and save some. If you are a student […]

(Español) Nuevo Deposito Luz Residencial

  New Deposit Residential Electricity Start this summer with New Deposit Residential Electricity   New Deposit Residential Electricity this season, good news for all our customers. The service is for you to have an electricity contract with a fixed rate which will come with a bill to your home every month. Many energy companies will […]

(Español) ¿Porqué mi recibo de luz residencial es tan alto?

Why my electricity bill is so high? Electricity Express wants to help. Everyone is asking: Why is my bill residential electric bill is so high?   This summer we will be talking a lot about why electricity bills are so high. There can be many factors. Let’s see why. The purpose of all my blogs is […]

(Español) Luz Residencial, Cuídela en este Verano

Residential Electricity. Take care of it this summer.   As we have been already feeling the last few days, the heat has come to Texas and it’s burning us.   Not only by heat but also our pockets, this only mean that our energy bills will rise. We need to save all the energy we […]

(Español) Luz Residencial Gratis

Free Residential Electricity This summer, we all want Free Residential Electricity This summer, we all would like Free Residential Electricity. Since this season tend to rise the energy bills a little more. But really… Free Residential Electricity is free? Or is it a strategy of power companies to hook us. I wrote this blog did […]

(Español) Luz Residencial Prepagada.

Prepaid Residential Electricity For Texas residents. Prepaid Residential Electricity   Let’s talk about the prepaid residential electricity. First to get this service need to have a (AMS) intelligent electricity meter. A smart meter is a type of energy meter, which calculates the consumption in more detailed than the old meters.       The Prepaid […]

(Español) Candados de Medidor en Luz Residencial

Switch Hold on the electricity meter. Residential Power.     Talking a little about what are the locks on the energy meter, this is a very important within the residential power, something we all should know about it. Any electricity company you can think of may apply a switch hold on the meter for these […]

Cheapest Electricity Companies

Cheapest Electricity Companies. Cheapest Electricity Companies in Texas. Cheapest Electricity Companies throughout Texas, is something that many Texans look for when needing an electricity service provider. And what most people want is to pay as little as possible for this residential electricity service. Cheapest Electricity Companies is what we want. But “really” cheap comes from […]