Save on Energy – Use Less Heat This Winter

Electricity Express – How to Use Less Heat This Winter

How do you use less heat during the winter?

Image of a Happy Face draw on windshield

Image of a Happy Face draw on windshield

It’s a good question, since turning up the thermostat will add a lot to your utility bills.  #ElectricityExpress has tips that will help you conserve energy this winter without you having to wear five sets of clothes.

Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill

  1. Put away the summer clothes – Forget the shorts and T-shirts.  Cold weather has arrived, and it’s time for sweatpants, sweaters and even a cozy pair of slippers.  Turn down the thermostat and bundle up (a little).
  2. Use the fireplace – Who doesn’t love a good fire on a cold night?  Just remember to close the damper when you’re not using the fireplace.  This keeps the warm air in the house where it belongs.
  3. Take care of furnace filers – Clean or replace them as needed.  Dirty filters will increase your energy use as they inhibit airflow.  Your electricity bill goes up as a result.
  4. Tune up your furnace – Make sure it’s in proper working order and clean.  Energy efficiency starts with equipment that’s functioning as it should.
  5. Wrap up your ducts – Heat can quietly be lost through your ducts unless you wrap them securely.
  6. Limit your hot water usage – I’m the world’s worst at taking long, hot showers.  When temperatures drop, I automatically stay longer under the spray.  Be aware of your time spent in the shower, and don’t overdo it.
  7. Use Energy Star appliances – These appliances will use energy more efficiently and put money back into your account.
  8. Caulk, caulk, and caulk again – Don’t let heat escape into the cold night.  Check for any cracks or gaps around windows and doors, and seal them.

Texas may not be Alaska, but we still get our share of cold weather here.  Use less heat this winter, and you’ll see your utility bills shrink.  If you’re like me, the first heating bill is a doozy, and then you reduce your energy consumption.  Why not save money by doing it right from the start?

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