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(Español) Tarifas Eléctricas Suben Realidad Inevitable   Recently updated !

        Rise of the Electric Rates Why (kWh) rates change; myths and realities. Does Daylight Saving Time change affect usage? Are we more at home in the winter? Which is easier or cheaper; heat or cool my house? Is the demand for electricity higher in the winter and the electric tariffs go […]

Electricity Express ayuda al desastre de Harvey

Electricity Express helps those affected by hurricane Harvey It’s been 4 days since hurricane Harvey made landfall in Houston and surrounding areas, leaving more than 30,000 people who need emergency shelter. When a tragedy like Harvey strikes, the best humanity thing to do is help those in need.  Right now, Houston and surrounding areas are […]

Pray for texas

Electricity on Vacation

                            How to Treat Electricity (Electricity on Vacation) when we are on vacation. How nice it would be to take vacation from our responsibilities like rent, water, electricity, etc. Electricity on Vacation? Electricity Express wants to give you some tips on how […]

Electricity on Vacation

Electricity For Students

Electricidad Para Estudiantes

El verano está apunto de llegar a su fin y eso significa que el regreso a clases esta cerca, y si eres un estudiante nuevo o de regreso como yo, sabes que es tiempo de preparar todo lo necesario para este nuevo año escolar. Como asegurarte que te as registrado para todas las clases que […]

Electricity For Students

  Electricity For Students Without Complications Summer fun is about to end, that means going back to school, and if you are a new or a returning student like me, you know you need to get ready to register for classes, and make sure you have all your books and supplies. Also if you are […]

Electricity For Students

Commission Payments through Venmo

Agent Commissions from Electricity Express

Agent Commissions from Electricity Express Electricity express not only cares about offering the best to our customers, but also want to offer the best to our agents. In the last couple of months we had some agents calling us to advise us that they have not received their commission checks, which it was a surprise […]

How Long it Takes to Connect Residential Electricity

How Long it Takes to Connect Residential Electricity Electricity Express works with different companies to provide you, with the best plan and rates available in your area. We offer Prepaid and Postpaid. Once you have selected the plan that best suits you, there is a couple of thing we have to do before we can […]

Cuanto Tarda en Conectar la Electricidad Residencial


Assistance to Pay your Electricity Bill

  Need help paying your Electric bill? The state of Texas has several programs to help low income families pay for their utilities; all public services such as electricity can be cover. These programs will even help you pay for any connection fee or deposit need to start your electricity service. Lite up Texas was […]