Why You Do Not Save on Your Residential Electricity

Why You Do Not Save on Your Residential Electricity

Why You Do Not Save on Your Residential Electricity

Why You Do Not Save on Your Residential Electricity

Why do you spend so much on energy?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive at Electricity Express. It do not stop there, the question continues … Why do I spend so much energy if … I’m never at home … I do not have a washing machine or dryer … I work all day … I turn off the air conditioning or heating every time I leave home …

Electricity Express knows about Residential Electricity and really wants to help every person who calls our office.

In order to help you and to understand how all this residential electricity works, you have to answer many questions, some of these are:

  • Do you know how much energy is consumed in your house each day?
  • Do you know what is the coldest or warmest hour of the day?
  • Do you know which appliance consumes the most energy in your home?
  • Do you know who counts the amount of energy (in kWts) your meter counts as your home consumes?
  • How low is a low rate and how to get it?

We are going to start a series of blogs to understand why you do not save on your residential electricity.

We believe that, by answering these questions, you can make an analysis and start saving energy in your home. Let’s start …

Do you know how much energy is consumed in your house each day?

It is not easy to arrive at the answer to this question. Broadly speaking, there are two types of billing for residential lighting; a) monthly account statement and, b) daily text notifications.

  1. A) Most customers prefer a residential electricity company that sends a monthly statement. What happens here is that they add up all the energy consumed in your home during the month and then send you an invoice. This does not help to know what is causing more or less electricity consumption.
  2. B) On the other hand, there is a better way to see what is causing you to consume more energy at home; the prepaid energy system.

When we use prepaid electricity, the companies do not send a monthly invoice, but send text notifications every day, this notification (either by text or by email) tells you how much you are consuming day by day and how much is the balance of the account.

To conclude, if you want to take advantage of this advantage and make small changes in your home with the appliances, then you will see what is spending the most and how to use it in a better way.

For example, many believe that turning off the air conditioning or heating when leaving the house is the best way to save energy, that’s wrong, you must know that when you return home and turn the unit on, it will take a long time to reach the desired temperature and it spends more energy than keeping it in AUTOMATIC all day.

There are other ways to handle hot or cold air in our home. This will be explained in the next blogs.


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