Is Prepaid Electricity More Expensive Than Postpaid?

Is Prepaid Electricity More Expensive Than Postpaid?

Is prepaid electricity a good deal or not?  The utility industry is dog-eat-dog and very similar to the cell phone world.  Tons of companies promise the best rates and incredible sign-up promotions.  Adding to the mix are the prepaid electricity companies like Electricity Express which have revolutionized the way business is done.

What makes us so extraordinary?  In the middle of friendly customer service and generous account terms are our great rates.  Our clients are satisfied.  Despite this, there’s still a question of whether prepaid electricity is more expensive than postpaid.  At Electricity Express we say “no”, and here is why:

  1. High-Tech Billing Methods: There is no paper trail.  Customers choose to receive their statements via daily emails or text messages.  Financial waste is eliminated because there are no envelopes or stamps, and we pass that savings on to our clients.
  2. Bundled PricingElectricity Express includes all fees and surcharges upfront.  There are no nasty surprises.  Prepaid utility companies may quote a lower price, but when that bill comes in the mail, you’ll see it increase due to hidden surcharges.
  3. No DepositsElectricity Express does not charge a deposit for new accounts, another savings we pass on to your wallet.
  4. Prepaid ElectricityPay for your energy as you go.  Late fees are a thing of the past.  When your account gets low, pay online or by calling our automated system.  You can also go to a nearby Fidelity Express, ACE Cash Express, PLS, and most 7-Elevens.

The old saying is “apples to apples”.  What happens when you compare our billing statements with those of a postpaid provider?  Our team at Electricity Express is confident that we will come out on top.  Give us a call at 855-781-6970 to learn why more and more Texans are making the switch to prepaid electricity and not looking back.

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