Public Utility Commission of Texas Vs The Utility

Public Utility Commission of Texas Vs The Utility

Public Utility Commission of Texas Vs The Utility

Public Utility Commission of Texas Vs The Utility

Who is the Public Services Commission, why it is important to us.

The Public Services Commission regulates “The Utility”, they regulate electricity and other services in Texas. By saying that they regulate the electricity; we want to say that they are the ones that control and govern the public services. They are the ones who take care that the relationship between “clients” and “users” and keep it as good as possible.

The “customers” are the electricity companies, the ones that sell the electricity that reaches the homes and businesses, the “users” are us, the ones that use the electricity, either in a business or in our homes.

The Utility, among other things, is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure in good condition. Distribution, repair and everything necessary to get the energy to the desired place.

How it affects us what the Utility does

Now that we know who is the Utility and some of its functions, I want to say one of the reasons why I write this blog.

The last week of November, the Utility that serves most of the Dallas and Fort Worth area ONCOR will be performing some maintenance to the platform where the entire database of the entire network and clients of the area sits.

This will make very hard to make new connections to users. Orders for new services from November 20 in the afternoon until November 27 in the morning will be worked until November 27 at noon.

How this affects us and what to do.

As a user, cannot request electricity service for your home to start within this period, it may be that, if it is a change or switch of energy company, if possible, but we have no complete assurance that the change will complete during this period.

Our recommendation is to prepare; If you are going to make a change of energy company, do it before or after this period, prepare yourself in case you have the risk of disconnection of service. If you are moving to a new residence; a) ask for your service and connect before this period, b) ask (to whom is responsible of the current electricity) to maintain the service at least until November 27.

As it is my motivation to recommend, do not wait until the last moment to establish your residential or business electricity service, get ready and see the restrictions and details to follow so that your electricity arrives on time.

Other functions of the Utility.

On the other hand, utility monitors that users and customers maintain a stable economy; that is, the relationship between customers and users is serious and without debt. If a user or client does not follow the rules of the utility, it serves as a mediator to resolve any conflict.

The Utility, Distribution and Repair

The Utility must be 100% sure that the electricity reaches the residence or business without mishaps; that is, that all physical connections from the network to the home or establishment are within normal standards. If it is that some meter, cable, post, etc. It is not in the right place or there may be the slightest possibility of risk of being disconnected or damaged, they will determine how, when and who can make the repair.

Complaints to the Utility and the Texas Public Service Commission

When a user feels that he was not treated fairly, the user can make a formal complaint to the Public Service Commission of Texas, an investigation will be initiated and who will be responsible and solve the conflict will be determined. Customers or energy companies must follow all the rules of the Public Utility Commission of Texas, otherwise, they will be penalized with high fines, sanctions and even suspension of license.

“Switch Holds” implemented by the Utility

Locks or Switch Holds on the meters are implemented by The Utility. That’s right, there are several reasons why a meter can have a locked or on a switch hold, here I explain the most common example.

When a user owes a debt to a client (energy company) and the user asks for a payment arrangement, then the power company asks The Utility to place a switch hold on that meter until the debt is paid. The user will not be able to change the energy company until he solves the problem with the electricity company.

Now, what happens when the user is just moving into a residence and finds himself in this predicament? It’s easy, he just has to prove that he is a new resident at that address.

Public Utility Commission of Texas Vs The Utility

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